Author…of the aspiring & dreaming sort.

LcLara is a dreamer and a lover of learning.

She has a degree in psychology, is a wife and mother, and still can’t decide what she wants to be when she grows up.  She has been a dance instructor, special education teacher, and preschool teacher…among other things.

She nerds out over a new box of tea, a new ball of yarn, organizational supplies, and vocabulary words.  (Written language+Tea=Happy place)

A few of her bad habits include procrastination, eating ice cream out of the carton, and staying up 24 hours straight to finish a book in one sitting.  (It’s an addiction, a serious problem when sharing a bedroom with someone.  Seriously.)

She aspires to be a world traveler, hike all of the US National Parks, and one day become fluent in a second language.

She loves her savior Jesus, her enabling hubby, her I-can-do-everything-by-myself toddler, and her selectively deaf puppy dog.

When she reads, she has a weakness for magical and mythological creatures, love triangles, soul mates, and fantastical worlds, but will read just about anything with dynamic character relationships and dialogue.  She loves watching relationships change and grow.

When she writes, she tries to paint a vivid picture of her characters and the world they find themselves in.  She loves writing about those moments when a character realizes they are more than what they let themselves believe, those coming-into-oneself stories, and those times when a character learns to overcome the pain of the past to become something more.

Oh, and she’s looking for writer friends!  Where do you go to find aspiring writer friends when you don’t personally know any writers???


Your thoughts?

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