First Try at Flash Writing

So I finally-after three weeks of being a scaredy pants-took part in a Flash Writing experience.  I was crazy busy this month, or at least that’s the excuse I’ve been telling myself for not participating.  And I really was busy this week, really.  

Anyway, I took a little bit of time to try it out Friday (even though I was busy).  The prompt reminded me of my Grannie and the stories she used to tell me about working in the cotton fields with her mom and sister as a child.  It made me think of stories my dad used to tell me about being the son of migrant farmers and helping in the strawberry fields as a boy.  Child labor was rampant then and still is a terrible truth in our world today, although we often pretend it is not.  I’m sure my loved ones faced hardships and struggled, but they always told me happy stories of their families and friends.  I wanted to portray that in this short flash, based on a picture prompt and the theme “friendship”.

Prompt found here: Flash! Friday

Sweet Rose Berry

Trailing along on worn, rough burlap.
Fastened to the ratty blue fabric at Rose’s trim waist.
Bouncing and jarring over rocky soil, I watch Rose in wonder.
Momma works three rows to our left, Papa to our right. I hum off-key to the jingle Rose sings when the day gets long. She peeks at Momma through a dark curtain of stringy, sweat matted hair and drops an overripe berry behind her. It rolls along my magic burlap carpet to land against my dust covered toes.
I stifle a delighted squeal and sink my teeth into the juicy morsel.
Rose whips around at my giddy intake of breath, holding a blistered finger to her dimpled face, a twinkle in her tired eyes. The foreman can’t know she’s sharing berries again.
I want to help, but Momma says I’m too small. Rose says my company is the best help. Harvest days are my favorite; they are my days with Rose.


Your thoughts?

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