An oddly therapeutic writing exercise…

So, for the third and final voice/characterization exercise during the first week of the creative writing class we were asked to imagine our pet as a human and describe him/her.  I wasn’t going to do this one, because frankly, I didn’t want to think about it.  My dog (our first baby) passed away two weeks ago and I thought it would be too difficult.  I told my husband about my assignment and we started joking about how Joey (the dog) would look and act as a human.  We compared him to ourselves, like he got his personality traits from his adoptive parents or something. Ha!

In the end I found the exercise to be somewhat healing, instead of being sad about our loss we were laughing about his life…



Looking for that perfect someone?  That person to come home to every day?  A man you could bring home to mom and love forever?  Here is a listing for a man by the name of Joey Macaroni who we feel may be your perfect match.

Joey Macaroni is about 5’10” tall with a lean, muscular physique.  His strong jaw and crew cut dirty blonde hair are softened by the smile he can always be seen wearing.  There is mystery in that smile and the solemn tilt of his honey brown eyes.  We realize Mr. Joey is dazzling, but please don’t think you cannot measure up to him in appearance.  Like all, he has his physical flaws such as a severe case of eczema that requires extensive treatment to maintain his good looks.

He is selfless and loyal, always eager to please.  If you are looking for someone to treat you like a princess for the rest of your days, then look no further.  He is quick to forgive and good at adjusting to any routine.  He loves to try new things and is a fast learner; a great catch for the adventurer in you.  He is cautious in his endeavors and will be sure to look for the safest procedures for any and all activities.  His tastes are rather particular and he likes both his food and his home prepared a certain way, but don’t worry because any meal you have together will be exquisite.  Mr. Joey is a foody at heart.  We recommend emailing Joey Macaroni and giving him a chance to show just how wonderful he is.

***Please be aware, if you are one who needs a lot of personal, isolated time, Joey is not the man for you.  He is extremely affectionate and likes to give as well as receive much attention.  Also, if you are in the market for someone to be a dominant, strong leader please move on to the next screen.  Joey Macaroni is more than happy to let you be the head of the household.***


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