Flash! Friday 2.0

This was my second time to participate in a Flash! Friday write.  The theme was “patience” and the prompt was this picture:


Nuclear Winter Recon. CC photo by Paul Hocksenar.


(144 words)

Fingers reach from beneath the frozen blanket of death, as if begging me to save them. Not a scrap of flesh remains.
Asking who to blame.
Dying for someone else’s cause.
They cannot be saved.
Seventy years we have waited.
Seventy years we have wondered.
We trusted them to protect us, to put our safety above their selfish greed. We trusted the wrong people.
War torn. Radiation poisoned.
A race endangered. A planet diseased.
We cannot be saved.
Rations are running low among a dwindling population, disparity is running high.
The Geiger meter knows we cannot escape, underground we must stay. Waiting for the ice to thaw.
How many years will this winter last?
How many days will I search for a home?
When will we learn to change?
I am afraid I will not live long enough to see.
I cannot be saved.


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