Creative Writing: Goals, Impacts, Accomplished & Thwarted

The protagonist reaches for a goal and the antagonist thwarts it.  At least, that’s how it works in this week’s creative writing session assignments.

Our exercise really should have been simple, but this is me and I am guilty of over analyzing everything.  This assignment was great fun for me to over think, especially because I don’t like the idea of telling others what they should want or being told what I should want.  Anyway, the assignment was to write what I think are the five most important goals for people to have in life, and for each of these goals tell three impacts they could have, three ways to accomplish, and three ways to thwart.  Like I said, I over analyze EVERYTHING 😉

Five Life Goals

How grand would life be if we could simply love?

Would there be less war?  Would we experience less depression?  Would we give more than take?

To love, we see the good in people above the bad, we compliment instead of degrade, we accept each other’s differences.

It’s not so easy to love when our prejudices get in the way, when we don’t always love ourselves, when we’ve been hurt.

How right would life be if we just forgive?

Would it make loving easier?  Would it thaw the anger in our hearts?  Would we live more like Christ?

To forgive, we admit our imperfections, we accept that others may never change, we acknowledge we are forgiven.

It’s not easy to forgive when we can’t believe we are forgiven, when we harden our hearts, when we don’t see the change forgiving will bring within.

How fun would life be if we learned to laugh at ourselves?

Would be less offended?  Would we be happier?  Would we like ourselves more?

To laugh at ourselves, we accept ourselves for who we are, we find humor in our imperfections, we ignore the world’s laughter.

It’s not easy to laugh at ourselves when we fear the world’s judgement, when we worry about fitting in, when our self-esteem is lacking.

How energizing would life be if we dance in the rain, at the store, in the street?

Would we encourage others to do the same?  Would we smile more?  Would we overcome our hesitations?

To dance, we overcome our inhibitions, we move to the rhythm in our souls, we allow our bodies to tell our heart story.

It’s not easy to dance when we see the way others look at us, when we don’t know the “right” way, when we won’t release control.

How wonderful would the world be if we do what makes us happy?

Would we live more freely?  Would we share that joy with the world?  Would we love more?

To do what we want, we worry less about what others want, we move past our fear of failure, we move out of our comfort zone.

It’s not easy to do what we want when it interferes with those around us, when it might bring harm, when we don’t always know how.

I want to love and be loved in my life.  I want to forgive and be forgiven.  I want to laugh at my awkwardness, instead of cry.  I want to dance when the mood strikes, no matter where I may be.  I want to do what makes me happy, because a happier me is better for those around me.

Often times reaching for one means turning away from another.  Loving someone requires sacrificing something I want.  Doing what I want means ignoring what someone else needs.  Sometimes I am my own antagonist, my fears and insecurities blocking my way.

To be happy, we understand the five most important goals in life for one person are not the same for another.  We must realize we are all different.  Our goals are not the same.  Our means of reaching those goals change.  Our goals are thwarted by different ways.











Be happy.

Be happy.



Your thoughts?

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